The PLANITPRINT.ME PLANNER (blush pink) is designed to print front-to-back which makes the flow of the planner like a store-bought planner. Once printed there is space in the center margin to punch holes to put your planner in a 3-ring binder. Gather your supplies and find your printing situation below for printing instructions and tips.

Supplies and Materials:

  • printer
  • paper
    — 66 sheets minimum, if printing front-to-back
    — 132 sheets minimum, if printing single sided


If you have access to a printer that automatically prints front-to-back (also know as duplex printing) you are very lucky and printing the PLANITPRINT.ME planners will be very easy! Just open the planner file and follow the print dialog in your PDF viewer to print front-to-back. (Many offices have printers with auto duplex and, if your boss is cool, she’ll let you print this planner so that you can’t possibly miss any meeting-to-schedule-a-meeting meetings.)


If you DO NOT have access to an automatic duplex printer, fear not, you can still print the PLANITPRINT.ME planner. (Most home and small office desktop printers do not print automatic duplex.)

METHOD 1: Print it Single Sided.
Open the PDF and print the planner single sided. This method gives a blank side to each page. You can put the pages in your binder with the blank sides facing. This extra space can be used for notes, sketches, or as scrapbook space.

METHOD 2: Print it Manual Duplex.
Manual duplex printing involves printing one side of the page, reloading the paper, and printing the other side. I use the manual duplex print method in my own office.

To print manual duplex correctly, you’ll need to figure out which way to rotate your paper to print the back side so that it lines up correctly. (You may be able to find this information in your printer’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website.)

This method of manual duplex prints all the odd numbered pages first. After you rotate and reload the paper (see PRO TIP below), it prints the even numbered pages to the blank side of the stack. Ta da!

Check your printer/printing software settings for options called ‘Print Odd,’ ‘Print Even,’ and ‘Reverse‘.

If you have these options, do the following:

1. Choose ‘Print Odd‘ to print all the odd numbered (1, 3, 5, etc.) pages.

2. Rotate your stack correctly (see PRO TIP below — but, seriously, see it) and reload the printed stack into the paper load tray.

3. Choose ‘Print Even, Reversed*‘.

Use these print options when printing your PLANITPRINT.ME planner at home (top: step 1, bottom: step 3). These are print settings found in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (, a free PDF viewer.

If your printer does not have the Print Odd/Print Even option and you still want a front-to-back planner: print each page one-at-a-time, flip it, and print the next page on the back. I have done this and, admittedly, it takes mythological levels of time, mindfulness, and patience. YOU CAN DO IT!

PRO TIP: TEST YOUR PRINTER’S FEED AND PRINT DIRECTION FIRST! The feed is the way the printer rolls the paper around the print heads. The print direction is whether your printer loads the data left to right or right to left (this can often be set in a print dialog box). Use a few sheets of test paper to figure out the direction and you’ll know how to rotate your pages to fake duplex printing.

*It’s very important to choose ‘Reversed.’
After printing the odd pages, the top page on the stack will be the last page of the planner. When you reload the stack, you want to make sure your printer knows to start printing from the last page of the planner so that all the pages flow logically. If you don’t have an option for ‘reversed,’ you will have to carefully re-stack your pages so that the top page is the first planner page. Test first!

You can download your own PLANITPRINT.ME planner here in black & white and here in pink & black.

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Terms of Use: PLANITPRINT.ME files are free to download and print for personal use only and may not be sold in any form. Read the about page for more information.





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